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Being Transparent…

As a dog owner, you probably already know how confusing things can be when it comes to skin care and diet, when there are so many conflicting websites on both subjects.

Nak’d Dog was created for this reason and we are on a mission to bring to you the best products for your fur baby’s overall health and well being.

It all started when I myself was a confused dog mom, when my own precious dog was diagnosed with skin cancer and so my journey began 8 years ago! We are here to be the bridge, to bring to you the best quality ingredients for skin care and diet.

We join the dots for you to make better choices for prevention rather than cure. In this day and age of many toxic chemical used in household products, outdoor products, dog foods and dog skincare, of which most owners are not aware, due to labeling regulations not being accurate, or sometimes misleading!

We decided to make this transparent for everyone, with our new concept to skincare and food for all dogs. After studying with world renowned Vets, Scientists, Doctors Herbalists, Holistic Vets and Oncolgists we bring to you the most transparent, Raw Clean ingredients in our skin care range and food. The two go hand in hand and feeding the Immune system from the dogs largest organ “the skin” and the ” gut microbiome”

We hope you enjoy our much needed information and we can’t wait to meet you when we open our store In Florida. Don’t worry if you don’t live in Florida, you will still be able to use our website, where we have made it easy for you to understand what you need. We will launch in July and all you have to do to keep informed is follow us on IG @nakddogs and subscribe for freebies and updates!

Nak‘d Dog

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