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Loving Your Dog Inside & Out …

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

The microbiome in dogs is a sensitive, powerful environment, that is uniquely balanced to allow for the proper breakdown of foods and nutrients. Like with humans, when this microbiome is balanced and working well, your dog feels good, has ample energy, and a healthy coat. He or she may have trouble with diarrhea or constipation or have trouble with itchy skin, if their microbiome isn’t functioning the way it should. What is also important to know is that it is possible to comprehensively change the makeup of the microbiome which enables the skin to flourish also!

K9 Nutrition Impacts Digestion & Skin

What you feed your pet is going to impact his or her overall health. If you feed your dog basic dog food, his or her digestive system can only work to the level of nutrients provided in that food. This can often lead to limitations and, in many situations, create unhealthy pets who are more likely to develop health complications, including cancers and early-onset disease. At Nakd Dog , we are working to change this by providing your pet with a higher quality of skin care and food, one using the building blocks of skin care & nutrition they need to perform at their best.

How Does Our Product Influence Health?

Healthy dogs have strong, well-balanced immune systems and microbiomes. One of the ways we do this is by using prebiotics and probiotics, which are designed to help ensure proper gut health. This is what is done to help balance the dog’s microbiome, encouraging natural bacteria to flourish while bad bacteria remains under control. K9 nutrition and an excellent skin care routine, is at the heart of this process.

The unprocessed botanicals, herbs,oils and even flowers used in Nakd Dog are well-balanced and non processed . They are a unique blend of nutrient-dense ingredients that help to fuel your pet’s overall wellbeing feeding the skin and microbiome health.

To get this type of health improvement, we encourage K9 skin care & nutrition on a routine basis. Every month, we will send you a subscription box for your dogs skincare and microbiome routine, if you choose to shop with us on line! With Nak’d Dog you have the tools and resources to help your pet to live a life by healthy skin & fur routines, eating the foods they were created to eat. A dogs Microbiome is not something to ignore, and now you have some info to help you on your way to a happy healthier dog…

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